April 15, 2019 – Bourne


Sunday,  April 14th:                                    11:00 AM     Passion Palm Service

Monday, April 15th:                                      6:00 AM     Finance Committee

Wednesday, April 3rd:                                  7:00 PM     Trustees Meeting

Thursday, April 4th:                                     9:30 AM     Men’s Breakfast

                                                                          1:00 PM     Bible Study

Friday, April 19th:                                          7:00 PM     Worship Service

Saturday, April 20th:                                     4:00 PM     Church Open for  Prayer and Mediation

Sunday, April 14th :                                       7:00 AM     Easter Breakfast

                                                                          11:00 AM     Easter Service

THE BOURNE FRIENDS FOOD PANTRY  is collecting items for Easter dinner (April 21st). Hams, pineapple, Easter candy, Easter egg coloring kits, white vinegar, quick bread mixes, brownie and cake mixes. If you would like more information regarding donations; or need to schedule an appointment, please call the Pantry at 508-759-3351.

EASTER SUNRISE BREAKFAST Come join us for a hot breakfast and fellowship. This will take place around 6:45 am in Crain Hall at Bourne UMC following the sunrise service on April 21st. EVERYONE is welcome. There is no charge but donation baskets will be on the tables just to help us recoup our food cost.

PRAYER GROUP meets the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.

BIBLE STUDY meets Thursday at 1pm.