Holy Week: March 27 – April 4, 2021

 Bourne & Cataumet United Methodist Churches 

Invites you to celebrate this Holy Week in  Prayer. Come talk with God, ask him to help you carry your burdens.  Pray for those you love, your community, our country and our world. We have created three (3) symbols on our front lawn to help you focus on prayer.

Cross, Prayer Box, Labyrinth

All are welcome who wish to pray.


At 5 PM Saturday, March 27th we celebrated the Cross’s entry and placement in our Gazebo. This represents Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem.  Wave your palms, ring bells and shake tambourines. Our Church Bell rang along with our expressions of Joy and Thanksgiving at Jesus’s sacrifice, and more importantly, the promise of hope He brings us. 

The Prayer Church Box

Please place your prayer requests, thanksgiving or praises in the Prayer Box located in front of the cross. Church members will be praying for you during this Holy Week. On Munday Thursday, our Prayer Group will take the prayers out and pray for each one individually. If you wish to talk to a minister about a personal problem, call Pastor Tim at the church office 508 759-4898.

The Labyrinth

The labyrinth offers a metaphor for the journey of life and a symbol for our spiritual pilgrimage. Life is not a straight line; it’s full of twists and turns. Sometimes it feels like we are walking “backwards,” but all of it eventually takes us toward the Center!

The practice of walking the labyrinth is, like all good spiritual practices, very simple. There are three movements: walking in, stopping in the center, and walking back out. The ancient words used to describe those three movements are a little austere—purgation, illumination, and union—but they are informative. I like the words refresh, reflect, and refocus…but the concepts are really the same.

1. Refresh. The walk in is about letting go, about emptying our hands of all the stuff we tend to fill them with that are distractions from and counterfeits of God himself.

2. Reflect. At the center, the movement shifts to receiving—whatever God wants to impart.

3. Refocus. As you move back along the circuit towards the outside, the movement is about integrating and incarnating the truth and life you have received.

That’s it. You don’t need to force anything; God will guide your walk, and it will be as personal as your spiritual journey always is. There is no “right way” to walk the labyrinth; just embrace the delight of moving your body at your own pace and encountering God in the process. It may be playful, it may be profound. It may be emotional, it may be peaceful. It will probably be different every time.

The Labyrinth at Bourne United Methodist Church

A special thank you to Tracy Jaekel for creating this wonderful spiritual experience for Holy Week.