Janaury 26, 2020 – Bourne


Sunday, January 26th: 11:00 PM Worship Service
Wednesday, January 28th: 10:00 AM BWC (Perry)
Thursday, January 29th: 1:00 PM Bible Study
Sunday, February 2nd: 11:00 PM Worship Service 12:00 PM Soup Sunday

THE RISEM DISTRICT EPIPHANY GATHERING is today January 26 at 3PM. Please join us for food, & fun , friends and family are welcome and encouraged to attend! For more info contact Jen Jordan at risem.layregistrar@gmail.com

THE FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER deadline is Tuesday January 28th.

SOUP SUNDAY is going to be February 2nd. If you wish to participate you can pick up the empty containers for soup today and bring them back full of soup to sell on the 2nd. Please contact Judy Battles for more information.

THE MEN’S BREAKFAST group is taking a break in January. We plan to resume meeting on another day of the week to be determined.

PRAYER GROUP meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month in the downstairs nursery at 10 am.