January 13, 2019 – Cataumet


Pastor Atwater and family will be in the Philippines January 14-February 12. In the event of emergencies, pastors Sandra Smith, Joe Kim (Swift UMC in Sagamore) and Rebecca Mincielli (John Wesley UMC in Falmouth) will be on call.


Prayer Group will meet again on Wednesday, January 23 at Bourne UMC.

Bourne Food Pantry Needs at this time include boxed cold cereal, jelly (plastic bottles), mayonnaise, snacks and hot cocoa packets. Thanks for your help.

                         EVENTS EVERY WEEK

Sunday                        7:45 am                           Choir practice

Sunday                         9:00 am                          Worship

Sunday                        7:30 pm                           AA Meeting

Monday                       7:30 pm                           N/A Meeting

Tuesday                       9:00am                            Exercise

Tuesday                      7:00 pm                            AA Meeting

Wednesday               7:30 pm                             NA meeting

Thursday                   9:00 am                            Exercise

Thursday                   7:00 pm                            NA Meeting

Saturday                    9:00 am                            Osteo Exercise