July/August 2017 – Summer’s here and the time is right…

Summer’s here and the time is right… And even if I’m not quite as ready for dancing in the streets to Martha and the Vandellas as I once-upon-a-time was, I still like to sing the song, retrofitting words to fit the current activity – whether walking on the beach – visiting and being visited – watching birds – catching fish – being in the garden – or working the usual work at a bit slower pace… Taking a little more time, most of all, for listening for God.

Summer’s here and the time is right… And the time is also short. Before we know it we’ll be back in many of our usual routines – our younger generations a year further along in school or career – others of us a year further along in work or retirement. For many of us, time really does go by so very quickly…

And slowing down and listening longer for the still small voice of God’s Spirit is the one thing I know… that really consistently helps to cool the heat on the hot days, warm our hearts on the chillier nights. And when, thanks be to God, I have been able to slow down, even a little, I always seem to find myself more grateful…

This summer I’m especially thankful for some new and expanding ministries in our parish. Thankful for a new prayer group that’s begun meeting in Bourne. All of us who’ve participated so far have shared our feelings of being very blessed in our time together. We’re presently meeting on the last Wednesday of the month (10 a.m. in downstairs nursery room). (We may adjust this schedule; please keep an eye out for announcements.) Thanks very much to Pastor Sandra Smith for starting and coordinating this ministry.

I’m very thankful also for all our Thrift Shop volunteers and those who work on our children’s clothing exchange ministry. And for all who contribute items for the homeless and the Bourne Food Pantry. Early in July we hosted a community Yard Sale in Bourne, which gave us a chance to meet more neighbors. All these ministries of hospitality and outreach help us communicate some of our vision for ministry in the wider community. Please keep all in your prayers.

I am always thankful for our children and their families, and for all who are part of our ministries with younger people. Once again we had Children’s Sunday in Bourne in June, with young people reading scripture and singing special music. This year we were also blessed by parents and grandparents who chose a passage of scripture that has special meaning for them, read the passage, and spoke about what it means for them. Thanks also for all the children who sang again the next Sunday in Cataumet.

Our bible group is studying Genesis, using a short book, Genesis For Everyone by John Goldingay as a study help. Please let me know if you would like to join us when we re-start in early September. (I will be ordering volume two and would like to place one order for all.)

Our New Members Group will also re-start in September. Let me know if you would like to join.

We will be saying good-bye soon to Brittany Lord, our Administrative Secretary in Bourne for the past seven years. Brittany will continue in her main job as Music Director at Church of the Messiah in Woods Hole, and will be taking time to catch up with other parts of her life. We are very grateful for all of her superb service through the years, including the care she’s taking now in training our next Administrative Secretary, Vicki Horne. We have been very blessed already by Vicki in her capacity as Child Care Assistant, and we are glad to welcome her now also as our Secretary.

Summer’s here and the time is right for many good things…Most of all for listening well and thanking God early and often. And I am thanking God for each of you, and for all the ministries of all our parish.

May God continue to bless you, rest you, and refresh you in this and every season.

Pastor Tim