March 8, 2015 – Cataumet UMC Sermon

Peace be unto you from God our father and our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Life can be at times like a donut. It can be so good and you want more but you always
end up with the hole. You can spend an awful lot of time trying to fill that hole, but
you never will. You can never fill the hole in the donut.
Lent is a time of looking inward and reflecting on who we are and where we are going
The forty days of lent is similar to Jesus’s forty days in the wilderness. There he could
Have had all of his wants and need’s met by giving into Satan’s offers but he chose
A different path and by doing so he made a choice of what was important.
The final result of his choice would be a rendezvous with destiny on a hill outside
In Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth, he points out that many of us, live in the world
That is more about what we are , than who we are:
We live for what is on the outside than what is on the inside.
Is it about how we look on the outside as people or how are deep inside ourselves?
Is it about where we live ?
What kind of car we have,
How much money we have,
Our achievements
Or that we fit in with what is considered normal
These things are not important. They are only things that will make us feel better
for a short period of time and leave us empty and wanting for more ,an endless cycle,
that cannot ever be filled by what is by what is available to us in the physical world.
There was a story in wed. cape cod times on a young women in Hyannis. I will now
share that story.
Gabby Gould found it unacceptable that some of her fellow students at Barnstable High
Did not have a warm coat to ward off the chill of this year’s frigid winter. For the past five
Years , she had been saving money from B-days, babysitting, and other sources .
She had saved about 1200.00 dollars. She was considering spending the money on
Attending a convention to meet some of her favorite. T.V. series, the Supernatural.
or to attend a class at Four C’s. She did neither, Instead she spent all but $1.11
On purchasing 45 winter coats , to be given to students in need of warm clothing.
By her selfless acts she brought real help needed by class mates and others in
Her school and community. The gift of those coats brought her far more than that
Trip could have given her because of the lasting impression it made on others lives.
Becoming of the world and not in it makes a difference.
In Jenna Woginrich’s book, Cold Antler Farm,a young woman’s story of how
her life was changed when she walked away from a world of Success, and into
A life of a farm women. The changes made her fall in Love, with LIFE and what is really
Important instead of with the superficial elements that many of her friends felt were
She found the meaning of her life and sharing the community of her
World was far richer than all the fancy trappings that her former friends
Were chasing. Trying to fill the hole
When I began my own spiritual reawakening 23 years ago, I will never forget
The concept of forgiveness. That God so loved me that he would forgive me
All my sins, over and over again without a second thought, because of the
That day on a hill out-side of Jerusalem were his Son died for all of our sin’s
Paul is also us teaching us about -Why Jesus had to die on the cross.
I believe that his death was an act of of love by Jesus and by God.
Jesus loved his Father and as a good son did as he was asked to do
as he knew that it was God’s will
God knew better of how to save the world than he did. God did this for us
To show his love for us and to take away all of our sin and to show us
the power of love over evil and sin.
The power of not trying to fill the hole,

– Tom Spence