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Bible group — in the beginning… (of a new meeting year….)

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Bible study group is meeting on Thursdays — 1 pm at Bourne UMC. All are welcome and yes, we take walk-ins.

I am planning to post summaries here weekly for those who miss a session.

The plan is to read through the whole bible… at a sustainable pace.

Reading a chapter or two of Genesis daily, a psalm or two daily, and a chapter of Matthew’s gospel, daily — ideally five or six days a week. (If you can’t keep up with this pace do your best. We won’t be going over the readings line by line.)

This year our intent is to read through most as much of the bible as we can without stressing out. (To be completed if necessary in the next year.) All are encouraged to get a notebook and journal along with the readings. Please take particular note of anywhere you notice God speaking in the text in any way. What questions come to you in the reading?

You can now make comments here on anything posted. (Also on sermons, posted elsewhere on this website.) Comments will come to me first, so there may be a delay in posting. (This is standard blog procedure to protect against spam posts. I won’t edit comments, just make sure they are from real people and not marketers or trolls. )

Please feel very free to contact me any time along the way.


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