September 2, 2018 – Cataumet

                         EVENTS EVERY WEEK

Sunday                         8:00 am                        Choir practice

Sunday                         9:00 am                        Worship

Sunday                         7:00 pm                        AA Meeting

Monday                         7:30 pm                       N/A Meeting

Tuesday                         9:00am                        Exercise

Tuesday                        7:00 pm                        AA Meeting

Thursday                       9:00 am                       Exercise

Thursday                       7:00 pm                       N/A Meeting

Saturday                        9:00 am                        Osteo Exercise


The Bible Study Group will resume in September TBA.

The Prayer Group resumes in Bourne Wednesday September 12, 10 am..

Bourne Food Pantry Please remember to bring in your food items. They are much needed!

The group to discuss The Book of Joy will continue after Labor Day TBA.