Dear Friends,

A few brief updates regarding Thanksgiving.

Full Thanksgiving Dinner will be available this Thursday at John Wesley United Methodist in Falmouth, served by the Falmouth Service Center, from 12 to 4. All welcome. (Need not be Falmouth residents.) As we get inquiries and if people show up on Thursday we will let people know this option exists.

And a few of us will be gathering at Cataumet UMC for potluck from noon till roughly 2 pm. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy, pie and cake and whatever you might choose to bring if you should choose to come will be available… Feel free to bring a dish and join us at noon. Even if you can only come for half an hour or an hour, please come if you can share in this event. Which continues to grow in significance the more I ponder…

We have just this week learned that technically potluck suppers are against the law (and have been, we’re told, for about thirty years). Though till now no one has tried to enforce this that we know of.

Right. Hot food brought from home is against state food code regulations, unless kept heated to mandatory minimum heat at all times. So…

We will be eating together in the church as a revolutionary act. Author Bill McKibben calls potluck supper “the Methodist form of communion.” And speaking for myself, I’m willing to go to jail, like Arlo Guthrie of old, on Thanksgiving Day — for the sake of our inalienable right to do church potluck meals together. So…

Do pray for us, and join us if you feel so led.

As always — All Are Welcome.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Tim