Week of April 30, 2017 – Bourne


Sunday, April 30th: 11:00 AM Worship

12:30 PM New Members Group (Perry)

Monday, May 1st: 9:00 AM DCOM Meeting

1:00 PM UMW Meeting

Wednesday, May 3rd: 10:30 AM Bourne Women’s Club

Thursday, May 4th: 1:00 PM Bible Study

Saturday, May 6th: 9:00 AM RISEM Meeting

10:00 AM Children’s Clothing Exchange

Sunday, May 7th: 11:00 AM Worship

12:30 PM New Members Group (Perry)

Monday, May 8th:   6:00 PM Worship Committee Meeting

7:00 PM Outreach Committee Meeting

THE MAY NEWSLETTER is available! Please pick up your copy on the way out today if you receive the print version, or check your email if you receive the e-version. There are also extra copies available in Crain Hall. If you would like to join our mailing list, please fill out an address card available in Crain Hall or from the greeters. Thank you!

MEN’S BREAKFAST CLUB: The next meeting will be on Thursday, May 18th, at 9:30am, at the Corner Café in Pocasset. Please see Mike Eden for more information.

BACKPACK PROGRAM UPDATE: Due to the wonderful response we have had over the past few months, there are some foods that we have a sufficient supply of and no longer require. Please see the list in Crain Hall. However, the following items are in low supply and always needed: Jelly or jam in plastic containers; Mayonnaise in plastic containers; Poptarts; Breakfast cereal-no large family size boxes; Pancake mix; Syrup in plastic bottles; Tuna helper; Chicken helper; Macaroni and cheese; Fruit snacks; and Cookies; Boxes of dry jello; Granola bars; Freeze pops; Bread products-bagels, English muffins, sliced bread. Please watch for the May newsletter which will have more information and thank you for your continued support for this important program.

FREE CHILDREN’S CLOTHING EXCHANGE: We continue to accept gently used children’s clothes, sizes 0-14, which may be dropped off at the Thrift Shop. The exchange is open the first Saturday of each month at 10am.