Week of February 14, 2016 – Bourne


Sunday, Feb. 14th: 11:00 AM Worship & Church School

Combined Worship with CUMC

Psalms Discussion Group

Monday, Feb. 15th: 6:00 PM Finance Committee

7:00 PM Church Council

Thursday, Feb. 18th:    1:00 PM Bible Study @ Bourne UMC

Sunday, February 21st: 11:00 AM Worship & Church School

Psalms Discussion Group

WORSHIP FEEDBACK DISCUSSION: After worship today, we will be having a discussion time, where we would like to get your feedback or answer questions about our worship services.

Easter Choir: Calling on all voices to sing the Easter anthem on Easter Sunday! No strings attached! You don’t have to make a long term commitment. Just give Kari Fietek your email, attend at least two rehearsals (either Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings, times TBA by email) and practice at home with recordings. Our Easter anthem is “Glory to God!” from the Handel Oratorio: Susanna – sung at both churches. It will be glorious!

Attention musicians! You are invited to sign up in Crain Hall to do special music. All ages and all styles welcome!

the AARP Tax-Aid program will be preparing taxes on Mondays from 9am-4pm Feb. 8,15,22,&29. It’s a free service sponsored by the IRS and the AARP Foundation aimed at people over 50 of low to moderate income. All the tax preparers are retrained and certified each year. Reservations are required and can be made by calling the Bourne COA at 508-759-0653 or 0654.

THE 2016 ALTAR FLOWER CHART has been posted. Please sign up! Flowers are needed for February 28th.

BIBLE STUDY is meeting again on Thursdays at 1pm at Bourne UMC and the Psalms Discussion Group is meeting again on Sundays at 12:30pm in the Perry Room. Please feel free to join us!


Backpacks for Kids – Outreach Project

The Bourne and Cataumet churches are going to be participating in a new outreach project with the local schools. It is called “Backpacks for Kids.” We are going to be collecting food to help fill the backpacks for those kids in our community who are hungry. The backpacks go home with the kids on Friday afternoons with food for snacks and meals to get through the weekend. They also send home bigger bags to cover school vacations which is one of the hardest times for the kids. There will be special containers at each church for this project, separate from regular food pantry donations.

Foods that are needed include:

Fruit snacks

Granola bars

Boxed raisins

Individual snacks like pretzels, crackers and peanut butter

or crackers and cheese

Canned tunafish

Canned chicken


Chicken helper

Tuna helper

Boxes of crackers

Peanut butter


Hot cocoa

Macaroni and cheese

Jello boxes

Pudding cups

Fruit cups

Boxes of cereal

Oatmeal packets

Ramen noodle

Bread products, especially English muffins and bagels

Canned spaghettios/ravioli etc.

Pasta and canned pasta sauce

Shelf stable milk

Pancake mix



Some of the food the school receives is donated from the Boston food bank, such as soup, canned vegetables, and usually pasta sauce. The Bourne food pantry also makes donations to the backpack project. They seldom receive fresh fruit so that is also another idea. There are 11 families that we are servicing through Peebles School which amounts to 31 children. They are not all elementary children, there may be middle schoolers or even high schoolers in the family. We cannot send any glass containers home on the buses and no perishable foods as not all the children go directly home after school. We cannot always be sure the families have milk or eggs so mixes or meals requiring those items may not be a good idea. Overall, the school will accept just about anything you give them and they are very creative with putting things together to help feed these hungry kids.

If you have any questions or would just like to make a financial donation, please see Marsha Burt or Carol Ann Dubois for more information. They also need to replace the bags that they use from time to time so are always looking for those also. We will participate in this program through the remainder of the school year and in all likelihood resume again in the fall.