Week of June 7, 2015 – Bourne


Sunday, June 7th: 11:00 AM Worship & Church School

Thursday, June 11th: 1:00 PM Bible Study at Bourne UMC

Friday, June 12th: 12:00 PM Reserved for Library Rain Date

Sunday, June 14th: 11:00 AM Worship & Church School

Children’s Sunday

Monday, June 15th: 6:00 PM Finance Committee

7:00 PM Church Council

THURSDAY BIBLE STUDY will be on summer recess, with June 11th being our last session until September.

SUMMER SMALL GROUP SESSIONS : We are interested in having a small group or two meet this summer. Please let Tim know if you are interested.

THE CHURCH OFFICE will be closed this Friday, June 12th.

JULY 4TH PARADE: We are looking for anyone who is interested in marching in the 4th of July parade with the church banner this year. Please contact Anne Marie Seitzinger if you are interested in participating.

LITURGISTS AND GREETERS ARE NEEDED for most of July and August. Please sign up!

ALTAR FLOWERS are needed for Sundays in July and August. Please sign up on the list outside of the door to the sanctuary, leading to Crain Hall.

PICTURES NEEDED! We are looking for pictures of recent church activities to use on our website and Facebook page. If you have taken any pictures, please email them to bumcsecretary@verizon.net, or burn them onto a CD and leave it in the secretary mailbox in the stairwell. Thanks!