Week of October 23, 2016 – Cataumet


Pumpkins Patch Please sign up to work at the Patch. It’s fun!

Bible Study meets on Thursdays at 1:00pm, at BUMC.


Pledge Cards If you haven’t already filled one out would you thoughtfully and prayerfully fill it out and return it to the collection plate. It would be deeply appreciated. If you would like to take it home to carefully consider your pledge, please do. You can return it in the coming weeks or drop it in the mail.

Charge Conference is November 28th at 7:00pm at BUMC. Will the chairs of our committees please give your reports for the Annual Report to Pat by November 11th? Thanks.

November Benefit Dinner at BUMC for Teresa Kemper, Saturday, November 19th. It will be a fundraiser to help with her medical bills.

Bourne Food Pantry   Please remember to bring in your food items. They are much needed!


Sunday                        8:00 am                       Choir practice

Sunday                        9:00 am                       Worship

Sunday                           7:00 pm                       AA Meeting

Monday                          7:30 pm                       N/A Meeting

Tuesday                        9:00 am                        VNA Exercise

Tuesday                        7:00 pm                        AA Meeting

Thursday                       9:00 am                       VNA Exercise

Thursday                        7:00 pm                      N/A Meeting

Friday                              7:30 pm                      Adult Children of Alcoholics Meeting

Saturday                         9:00 am                      Osteo Exercise